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spacerReasons To Sell

Why would someone want to sell their business or real estate note?

There are three main reasons people may want to sell their privately held real estete note, business note or other financing vehicle.

1. Get immediate access to your cash to use for another purpose.
    Our lives are constantly changing and our needs for cash can also change.

  • Unforeseen illness or personal need
  • Pay off high credit debt
  • Pay for college education or wedding
  • Home improvement or home purchase
  • Simplify life, estate planning
  • Finally take that dream vacation

2. Money is worth more today than it will be tomorrow!

  • Avoid the impact of inflation
  • Take advantage of a cash discount for a major purchase
  • Start enjoying the benefits now of a purchase you have delayed
  • Get cash now to avoid the uncertainty of the future and protection from default

3. Pursue a greater opportunity!

  • Cash to start your own business
  • Opportunity to invest in a new venture
  • Avoid selling stocks at a loss just to get needed cash

The list of reasons to sell is endless. The fact is many people are not even aware that they can sell their notes or they don’t know where to turn. That’s where Diversified Funding Source can help. Contact us today!

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